App Store Submission + ofxHTTP


I’m getting ready to submit an app to the App Store which uses ofxHTTP, during the submission process you get asked whether it’s using encryption of any kind, would that be the case whilst using ofxHTTP?
I’m not using https, but just having the ability to use encryption because of the framework, is that going to cause issues?
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ofxHTTP can use openssl (which is packaged with ofxPoco). But it isn’t explicitly required if you aren’t making ssl connections. If you aren’t using any encryption then I’d say you can answer “no”.

Ah, great stuff, thanks @bakercp , that makes the submission much easier!!!
also Is it possible to do a multi part form with a file upload as a PUT request, or a PATCH request with ofxHTTP?

Ahah! solved it I kept everything the same but then just added this:

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