App on computer without monitor running slow

I am running an application on a mac mini with no monitor.
Thank’s to Arturo’s help (’t-initialize-of-window-when-monitor-is-disconnected/13566/1) that works.

The issue now is, while a screen sharing session is open, the software runs fine, but when there is no display and no open screen sharing sessions, the application runs slow.

This is using openframeworks 0.8.0 on a mac mini running osx 10.7.5.

Has anyone experienced this before ? What could cause this and what can be done ?

Thank you

I experienced a similar behavior. See my post from September: oF-app-slows-down,-if-no-monitor-is-connected

What I forgot to mention is, that i was using oF 0.7.4. I “solved” this issue by having a monitor connected during the exhibition.

What maybe could solve/workaround this issue is putting the code into a separate thread (ofThread) or using FBO (ofFbo)? I didn’t have the time to investigate any further or find a proper fix, but i still would be interested in finding a solution.

i use a VGA fooler that makes the computer believe a display is connected but is not:

Similarly, over in the thread my-application-quits-unexpectedly-if-the-monitor/display-has-not-powered-up, I suggested an HDMI terminator - with either option, I suspect it would also let you continue to use the GLFW-based window instead of going GLUT as the machine would no-longer be strictly “headless”.

We just tried with a connectint the transmiter of a DVI cat5 extender that we had at hand and worked perfectly, even without chaging back to glut.