App crashes on other machines


I’ve just published my first app on 005. And it runs great on my development machine (os x 10.5.8) and I’ve got the latest version of xcode 3.1.2. However, when I build a release and try to run it on any other machine than my own, the app just crashes when it’s about to start.

I’ve tried “dumbing down” the app to not really do anything (just created a new empty project that shows an empty 640x480 window). And even that can’t run on any other machine than my own. All other computers I’ve tried it on have a very similar setup (intel, os x 10.5.8). I’ve actually even tried running it on a powerpc machine but no luck.

Is there something I have to install on a fresh computer (besides maybe xcode which I’ve already tried) to make it run openframeworks apps? Do I have to do anything special when building?

I’m very new to oF so I appreciate any pointers anyone might have.

btw, if nessasary, my setup is:
osx 10.5.8
xcode 3.1.2
cpu Intel Core 2 Duo



can you post a zip of the project?

@theo no problem. I’ve attached my project that uses the ofxARToolkitPlus addon. I’ve also attached the testapp that I created. Both of which crashes on startup on other machines I’ve tried.


Hi Matthias,

It didn’t crash the first time I ran it, but it did on subsequent attempts to run it. At a very quick glance I wonder if this:

ofDrawBitmapString("CWD: "+string(path), 10, 40);
and this
ofDrawBitmapString("Video: "+toDPath(“”), 10, 80);

might be causing this:

9 libstdc++.6.dylib 0x94791ced char* std::string::_S_construct<char const*>(char const*, char const*, std::allocator const&, std::forward_iterator_tag) + 57
10 libstdc++.6.dylib 0x947921fb std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator >::basic_string(char const*, std::allocator const&) + 53

Hmm it looks like the guilty line is:

	path=getcwd(path, path_size);  

commenting this out - the app runs fine from xcode and finder.
otherwise it crashes when launched from finder.

changing it to:

	path = new char[1024];  
	path=getcwd(path, path_size);  

  • it runs from xcode and finder without crashing.

You are right, that was the guilty line. However to make it work I had to set the t_size argument aswell:

	path_size = 1024;  
	path = new char[path_size];	  
	path = getcwd(path, path_size);  

Without explicitly setting t_size I kept getting runtime error:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'  
  what():  basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid  

Thanks for the help and pointing me in the right direction!