Aphex Twin -> 3D

Here is a screenshot from my final project for Zach’s Algorithmic Animation class. It was built with of_0573, and incorporates FFT spectrum analysis, an FBO, 3d binning, and additive blending. the song is aphex twin - flim.

i want to continue to work in this direction, its pretty fun!

watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/2604599

also, it does not want to run on many computers. it was developed on a mac pro, but will not run on a macbook or powerbook. i havent looked very far into the issue, but my first guess is that it has to do with the framebuffer. any insights?

the code can be found on my page for zach’s class, but be warned, its pretty messy right now. it will get cleaned up eventually. http://www.makingthingsmove.org/students/andrew


sweet work !!! thanks much for posting it up here… I’m sure alot of people will find it useful to look through.

just wanted to point out that there are alot of OF / animation examples here from andrew and other students –

also all the code from the class is here:

(they are xcode projects, but should work in all 0.05 packages)

most code need ofxVectorMath and some need ofxOpenCv…

take care!!

Great work amahon. I posted a comment on your video a few days ago with ‘wow’ haha.

Zack, having your students post code examples has helped me a lot with learning. I wish I had a class like this when I was in school! :slight_smile: