Anyway to get xcode to stop asking for camera permissions

9/10 times Xcode will be asking me to grant access to the camera. I have to click this every time I build and run the app. Any ideas about how to fix this.

I found if I make a fresh build from the project generator it will stop, but the second build and run will ask again.

If you can help me you just saved me 10000x clicks a day :slight_smile:

I spent some time looking into this yesterday but didn’t get too far - but it did seem that code signing might offer a solution - have you looked into that? Are you an Apple developer?

In the last msg of this post hrs posted a way to sign an app without a apple developer account, maybe worth a try

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I tried to code sign and as far as I can tell there is a issue signing libfmodex.

Did you see this post from @Theo?

I’ve never seen the App Store build target but it’s worth looking into I think?

Actually I think its a plist issue.
I just pushed a fix to Git a couple of days ago.


Basically its because all OF apps use the same bundle id in their plist and the permissions on 10.14 uses that ID for the camera access.

Try changing the bundle id to:

in openFrameworks-info.plist

You might need to do a clean and maybe rename your executable, but then it should only ask once.

I don’t think its related to code signing but there is some discussion here about that:

Hope this works for you.

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