Anyone know anything about this project?

I don’t know if this is oF or not. But I thought it was very cool and wanted to share.

It’s called “Sticky Light”:

Pretty awesome that it’s done without a camera.

I was fortunate enough to come across this at Ars Electronica last year and have a play, and it indeed is really awesome. One thing you can’t really see in that documentation is the fact that it can do 3D tracking of multiple fingertips (you can see a bit in the bottom left blurry pic) - so you can paint in 3D in the air with your fingers, very nice.

I posted this over at the NUIGroup forums also because it seems like it could be a great tech. for multi-touch UIs. I wonder how difficult something like this would be for a homebrew project…

ah nice, the finger tracking is on this page…-rTracking/…-ngDemo.wmv