Anyone interested in writing an OF wrapper for DirectInput?

Windows OS use DirectInput for Joystick input. just find these direct input samples
i test the joystick.cpp with Logitech Driving Force Pro. it works quite well to get all the input from Logitech DFP. don’t know if there is someone interested in writing an OF wrapper for it.

plus: anyone interested in writting an OF wrapper for force feedback? see this MSDN example. i can compile and run it successfully. but when i run the FFConst.exe, it complains that “Force feedback device not found” while actually the Logitech Driving Force Pro does have force feedback.

It’s possible that GLFW (OF windowing system) already handles Joystick input, not sure though. But maybe it’s best to wrap those, to reuse available code.

It does indeed, here is some camera code that can use a joystick.

ofxFirstPersonCamera.h (8.6 KB)

Here’s one for Microsoft XInput:

Oops, just realised that file upload didn’t work, here’s the code again, shows how to read a joystick using GLFW and apply it on a camera.