Anyone got an emptyExample for 4.0?

Hi all,

Having some problems getting iOS 4.0 working with the current download of 061 and wondered if anyone had a sample project to download (emptyExample).

I actually downloaded 4.0.2 sdk from Apple and a fresh version of OFW to try again.

I changed the base sdk to 3.2 in both the ofw static lib and my project.

Using these freeimage lib files±iphone-sdk-4-beta-works-with-ofxiphone/3658/22

but having problems fixing the framework (still showing up in red).

When I browse my path, ie to set the audio framework, within sdk there is folders for 3.2 and 4.0

I set it to the framework in 3.2, but the path still shows 3.0 which is weird.

Would be great if we could get the official ofw download to work with the 4.0 from the go. I know some of the guys are busy, but perhaps other people who have it working on iphone can help?


I got it working in the end. Unfortunately it was my xcode newbie status that was causing me issues, as a) didnt realise i had to fix things within the of lib and b) i tried adding the frameworks again, rather than the method i got working in the end as below.

so i did:

  1. deleted the current freeimage .a
  2. added the two new freeimage .a files from forum into the right folder
  3. project > edit active target > general > delete libfreeimage
  4. drag the two new freeimage libs into the right folder in the project explorer in xcode
  5. project settings > build change base sdk
  6. project > edit active target > build > change base sdk
  7. toggled the build pulldown box in main window between debug/release and device/simulator. this fixed the framework linking for some reason (no longer showing red).
  8. opened the ofw lib project and fixed the base sdk and framework
  9. in ofw lib cleaned builds and rebuilt
  10. was good to build my project again