Anyone around San Diego - Los Angeles?

Hey OFers, just curious who’s out there that lives around San Diego and LA. I’m curious if there’s any OF meetups in the area or if anyone would like to start one.

EDIT: Join the SoCal openFrameworks group here:

Hey Seth,

I’m in LA, an OF meet up would be great! Any other OFers in LA?

Hello Seth and Reza,

I am in Orange County (Huntington Beach) and would love to do a meet up.


We’ll have to figure something out eventually. I’m sure there’s more people than the 3 of us. :slight_smile:


i’m new to of but live in LA and down for work sessions or meetups. lmk. also, does anyone know if there are any classes offered/workshops in la?

I don’t know of any classes/workshops either. I would really love to attend some. I have heard UCLA has some students using OF, but don’t know any.

Either way, still up for a mini workshop none the less.

I’m up in the LA/Orange County area about once a week. We can create a meetup group on and see if we can get more people that aren’t on the forum.

Edit: I didn’t realize it costs money to make a meetup on Anyone already have a paid account that could create it?

Wow, never knew it charged either. And its pretty expensive too! Considering what it is.

I haven’t ever used it, barely knew about it. So I don’t know anyone… bummer.

It’s actually pretty popular. is the best place to find local meetups and whatnot, but not really worth a subscription fee for just settings up a OF meetup. :wink:

We can figure something else out. I just figured there’s probably more people in LA/SD out there that don’t frequent the forum so a specific location online could be better for gathering people. Maybe a facebook group/event or something.

I created a facebook group here. Feel free to join and add anyone you know in SoCal:

Hey guys - get in touch with Eric or James from LAVA - They hold regular meetups for creative visualists.

San Diego here. UCSD/UTC in particular. Glad to offer assistance in of on iPhone/ipad and/or kinect.

Example of projects:

Haven’t run in to too many people using OF here, but wouldn’t mind getting something started.

Excellent! Are you a UCSD student/graduate/professor or just in that area? I graduated from there a few years ago.

Your video project looks great. What are you using for communicating between the iPhone and the computer?

UCSD postdoc in Neurosciences.

Really basic communication - Using UDP over wifi to communicate between the two.

Very nice! It’s interesting to see the broad spectrum that OF is being used for.

i’m in san diego (imperial beach) till friday. is anything happening, or is everyone gone for the holidays? :slight_smile:

I am around. And would love to do a meetup. Preferably wednesday or thursday would work best for me.

Hey Kyle, nice to see you’re in town. I may be around, but won’t know till later today (Tuesday).

ok, let’s aim for wed/thur. if you guys have a stomping ground we could hang out there, or we could meet halfway (downtown) at some cafe and just geek out on laptops :slight_smile:

Its looking like Thursday will be the best for me. Downtown would be better as I am coming from about 100 miles. There isn’t much traffic so I don’t mind. A cafe sounds good!