Anyone able to use visual leak detector (vld or similar) successfully with openframeworks?

I am very accustomed to using vld for finding and debugging leaks in projects. Unfortunately I have found it to be not very helpful with my openframeworks project (opengl based) because it reports so many (hundreds) of errors with even an empty application. Some of them may be false positives but adding vld to even a trivial example like 3d/easycam adds 7 thousand of lines of output worth of detected leaks.

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with vld or other such memory tracking tools using openframeworks on windows?


The tools for XCode tend to work fairly well in my experience but that’s probably not going to help you much. I know that some people have had success using valgrind with OF apps, so that might be an option if you don’t mind using Linux/OSX. If you’re wanting to stay with just windows then there’s some suggestions in here that might help:

Wish I had more for you :confused:

Here’s something I used for leaks with OF on Windows, hope it helps!

thanks for this while its not exactly what i need it is a useful tool to have. I have messed with windbag and gflags before but i didnt know you could do that technique in the link. Do you know if its possible to detect leaks using good old windbag ?

Worked for me :smile:
It’s not very nice but it does the job.