Any recommendations for reliable mini PCs to run a touch screen installation

Slightly off-topic but thought others may have come up against the same issues. I am looking for a decent mini-pc to run an installation on a Planar PS5560T­ 55" Touch Screen. It has only limited support for MAC so I am looking at PCs but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations. The installation will be a 24/7 for at least 12 months so reliability is a factor.

Many thanks

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I just used two of these in an install with a Kinect 2.0 and they were amazing! Really small, medium price ($800 once you get RAM + HD + Windows), but really good features. Make sure you get the 16 GB of RAM and the SSD.

Thanks. I’ll check it out. I had looked at the Intel NUCs, but they had some pretty bad reviews in a few places.

I recently made the same question because I hadn’t found yours.

I know you asked this more than 4 years ago so things changed but I’m curious to know which mini computer did you end up buying.

I need a computer to run a 4K generative video and was also considering an Intel NUC. I wonder if they’re still getting bad reviews. I’ve been reading good things about them.