Any ONI file resources?


Is there any resources for sample and texts ONI files recorded from a kinect or other device? For example a resource of files with 1, 2, 30 people etc.

So far I have come across:

Would be great if there was a resource. It can be tough dancing in front of a Kinect all day :wink:

Thank, Ross

This sounds like a great idea ! Having a community pool of basic / common movement and interactions would be killer. Another utility app that I have been meaning to write is a simple video editor for .ONI files. An application that’s as simple as setting in / out points to kill dead tracking time.

I have a good chance to capture .oni files with groups-of-people on Friday (hence the request, I was wanting to have some good test material). Anyway if the files can be legitimately shared, and other were willing/interested to share too, that would be great.

Any thoughts of the best platform/service for sharing files? Or would it need something bespoke… which may be possible.

Hmm. A good way to share it might just be to create a dummy public dropbox or google drive account and make all the files publicly available. I suppose you could put them all on github but that doesn’t seem like a terribly good use of git, let alone if you didn’t want to download an entire collection of .oni files.

Some videos that I always seem to need for development are:
User walks by.
User walks on, activates hand, walks off.
Child skeleton tracking.
2 Users on screen at the same time.
User detected, walks too close to camera.
User detected, walks too far away from camera.

I just did this personally as I had them collecting on a few machines. As you can see from the file names I haven’t sorted through them or know if they are particularly useful but you are free to have them;O=A

Would be cool to write a little app recorded/played back and generated thumbs and uploaded them to somewhere, maybe like a little lightbox browser

I built some utility classes around ofxOpenNI for some things I regularly do with it - one being recording and playback - you can see the RecordingApp and PlaybackApp classes here:

Hi, this sound very usefull.
I wrote an app to export oni files to textured .obj and I began to write a simple video editor which has so far an asset browser and a in/out point editor.
both are in my github. I think that merging boths stuff plus figuring out how to write out the oni files would make it. I’ll give it a try next week. But if anyone does it before let me know.

@jvcleave thanks for the files.

I have been doing from primitive editing by recording an oni file from an ofxOpenNI instance which is also playing a oni file. Its a bit analogue – it requires hitting the record buttons at the right time – but seems to work.