Any ofxPd users?

Dan Wilcox has updated an example code for using multiple instances(threading) in ofxPd.

I tried it myself yesterday, but I can’t hear audio from 2 instances simultaneously.

I would really appreciate if somebody confirm the code and see if it’s working properly.

Hi! I’m very curious about that. How can you use pure data in OF with this addon? What’s the level of interchange of data?
Thank you for any enlightment!

Hey Federico.

You can simply download ofxPd from

Use Project Generator to add ofxPd addon, and add -DHAVE_UNISTD_H -DHAVE_ALLOCA_H -DUSEAPI_DUMMY -DPD -DLIBPD_EXTRA into xcode build setting (Targets->YourApp->Build->Other C Flags)

Then you can copy & paste ofxPd example source code and a test.pd file into your project and build it.

You will get the idea of how it’s working if you see the example source code such as opening pd patch and sending & receiving data(bang, float, symbol, list) between pd and OF.

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