Any OF community in Mexico / San Luis Potosi?

Hey all!
I’m trying to get in touch with members of the creative coding / digital arts / dance tech communities in or near San Luis Potosi … or Mexico in general. Motion Bank is planning a Choreographic Coding Lab or similar in San Luis Potosi and would like to get a feeling for who is out there …

Ping me here: @fjenett or there florian-at-motionbank-org

Yo soy del DF.

Muy interesante el motionlab. ¿Todavía hay chance?


Hey, the CCL in San Luis is still to be planned. We are looking to make contact with the communities there first to find out how much interest there is. Are you from there?

just a quick note that @arturo and I will be in Mexico city as part of visual arts week this February, happy to connect anyone up with CCL / etc.

Oh yes! That’d be super nice!

We have an addon that @jvcleave developed for us that will allow you to access our datasets from OF (it needs updating after we did some API changes though):

I’m from/live in Mexico City, but I could take a bus ;).

Hope to meet you Zach(And Arturo) here. If you need something just tweet @xumerio.