Any app using audioOut & ofSoundstream crashes on startup.

This has never happened to me but every app, all examples included, that use audioOut & ofSoundstream crash right away at startup. I’m in big trouble because I’ve been making a music software and rely on a lot of code I’ve written and because I’ve NEVER had to spend more than a minute getting sound to work in OF before this problem has really made me wonder what is going on.

update: it’s not just me, compiled audiooutexample on this comp w. same codeblocks and it doesn’t crash… =/

so I realized, librtaudio.a hasn’t been recompiled for win_cb with the new mingw version (last commit was two years ago for 4.4.1… Perhaps this has something to do with it?

Hey dude,

I found the same problem using codeblocks 12.11 and OF 0.7.4. When I reverted to codeblocks 10.5 and OF 0.7.3, all those examples worked again. Might be worth using in the mean time?

Has anyone filed this bug on Github?

I solved this by compiling a new version of rtaudio using the new mingw gcc, will try to do a merge if I can get my stupid github program to work.