anti aliasing on ofFbo

How do I enable anti aliasing on stuff drawn into an ofFbo?

straightly (may be the stupid way)
if you want to output 1024*1024 screen
you may need to create 2x(2048*2048) or 4x(4096*4096) lager size of the fbo
then draw as 1024x768

I was looking into this recently for a project and I ended up going with this approach, doubling the resolution, as it is the most portable/cross platform solution. If anyone knows a better way it would be great to hear.

Could you try an adaptive blur? I have never tried it and its more for noise reduction but depending on what you’re doing it might help.

Interesting article, pants. That reminds me of another post processing method called Morphological Anti-aliasing, or MLAA. You can probably find some GLSL implementations online pretty easily.

instead of doubling the resolution it is simpler to increase the numSamples parameter in the allocate() function to enable MSAA.