anti aliasing in 3D. ofEnableSmoothing(); ?


ofx3DModelLoader is so great its making me want to make something completely realistic.

At the moment the only giveaway in my model is the slight jagged edges.

Does anyone have any tips on anti aliasing a 3D model, is there a simple method or is it a question of studying openGL ?

I tried adding
glEnable (GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH); and ofEnableSmoothing();

but they don’t have much effect.

It would be great to hear how anyone else is doing this.

Many thanks


hi simon

if you’re on Windows you can possibly force full screen antialiasing on - look at your OpenGL driver settings.

antialiasing is most easily implemented by rendering the screen at double/4x resolution and then downscaling. you could try rendering into an FBO at a super high res, then drawing that back on to the screen at normal screen res.


Linux also can anti-aliasing that can be enabled through the driver control panel.
Also, if you swap out GLUT for GLFW ( you would be able to set anti-aliasing at the software level. There are some posts I think on how to swap out glut on the forum. Easiest way is to use the driver AA, or render at a high res as damian said.

Hey thanks for these replies. I had stopped worrying about it for a while but will definitely come back to it.

I am on OS X so the hi res render option sounds good and a bit easier than this buffer version I was reading about here.

Thanks again.