Another OF music video :)

I’ve created a music video for a piano piece by Matteo Myderwyk, and since I’ve used OF, I thought it would be nice to share it! Here it is.
First post on the OF forum, so hopefully I do it right :smile:
The smooth landscape-like lines (1:39) are based on a 3D-scan of snow (found on the web), and the rectangular (2:52) lines are based on an image of a PCB. Fun to add them together in one context.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s some amazing art. How did you record the video? Usually when I try to record at a high resolution in OBS the fps of the recording sinks to a painfully low number. But it might be because of slow hardware.

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Thanks, good question :slight_smile:
I once bought an Elgato Game Capture device for the purpose of recording OF-stuff. But that wasn’t a steady solution: high resolutions or complex visuals got below 60, or even 30 fps. So I did this video with an export-function: calling ofSaveFrame() each frame (inside an FBO to realize the 4K). Framerate gets very low with this method (+/- 2 fps), but I’ve created all the movement with some simple oscillators and envelopes which use ofGetFrameNum() as their clock.
After the export I had a lot of .png files, which I animated with ffmpeg. All the animated clips were cut and ordered with … iMovie :muscle:

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@Jildert Great stuff! Congrats. If you don’t mind some questions:

  1. Is it all just 1 executable or did you separate the work into clips from different execs and glued them later?
  2. Do you drive with the music to some extent?
  3. Do you do more of this kind of contents?

Some answers!
1.) The latter. I tried to make 1 executable, but realized it would be too much work for this purpose. Writing a different function for each +/- 10 sec clip, and exporting them, would be more efficient.
Made some ugly code for changing scenes:

   int f = ofGetFrameNum();

So in a way it was a one-shot export, but had to cut some boring parts out :smile:
2.) This video is non-reactive, all the correlation with the audio is done with editing the video together.
3.) Yes and no, this was my first dedicated music video. I mainly do live visuals, you can find some more stuff on my website / Instagram.

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Thanks for sharing! Followed you.

By the way, to organize scene, I have used ofxAnimationPrimitives and it is super easy to setup and to work on.

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Ah, thanks! Looks like something I could’ve used indeed :slight_smile: Good to know for the next one