another include issue

it seems every time i want to bring in my own custom objects into a new OF release, it amounts to a lot of coffee and headpunching. i have a folder of custom little classes that i use often, and am getting sigbus (10) errors. these are the same files that have worked fine in previous OF projects.

the project settings way of adding only looks for my headers, so all the things in the cpp files are undefined. if i’m not referencing these at all (with varying classes added in src), it will run no problem, but as soon as i drop in something that relies on those classes, of course it can’t find the cpps, and undefined symbol problems ensue. if, however, i drag/drop the files into the xcode project, it finds the cpps no problem, but then SIGBUS errors out on me.



All cpp files need to be added into the project.
Otherwise xcode will not compile them.

When you don’t use any of the objects in your cpp files xcode doesn’t need to link to the object data so it makes sense that you only get errors when trying to use the code.