Another Gui

Hey Guys,

I originally wanted to try adding a couple of features to ofxGui but instead ended making another gui from scratch. This borrows a bunch of ideas from ofxGui and also from simpleGui. It uses Poco, and has textfields and radio buttons, which i though ofxGui really needed, and simple file selection menus.

I still need to make the main app listen for button/ trigger events, but for now they can be done with some a few extra lines of code.

any feedback would be appreciated.

xcode project:

codeblocks (win) project:

use OF573 or later.

That looks good. really useful and a lot better then other guis. good job!

looks great! I might have to switch to this after looking how simple it is to setup and the options :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks for the hard work. I think I’m going to use this one. Could you go ahead and make it an full addon?

I like the file selection dialogue! Good work.

good work! looks functional allready :slight_smile:

try using a grid concept as base of your layout. thats what all those guis here are missing to make them look really good and professional. a designer gave me that hint, and after digging into the topic i understand why its at the core of most graphic designs.…-se-a-grid/

Thanks for the positive feedback.

I will probably make this a proper addon once I figure out a better system for trigger events.

Hiding the panels should be pretty easy. right now you can hide the whole gui with a keypress, but i think hiding individual panels will be very easy to implement as well. Drop down menus might happen at some time in the future, but not right now.

And does anyone have any ideas for a snappy name? i think calling it ‘easyGui’ when there is already a ‘simpleGui’ is both boring and a little confusing.

alright, after playing around with it there are a few bugs:

*slider is broken in the sense that it doesn’t scroll, it just sets the starting height for the selections

*clicking on anything above the selections causes a crash. make them like switches so if a person mis-clicks then it won’t crash cause they just missed.

other then that, rock solid.

Looks nice man. Great work.

It crashed on me once after I was clicking around a little bit. Wasn’t able to reproduce it, so not sure exactly what caused it.

PS. for a name, may I suggest “YAGUI” / Yet Another GUI Module

Ok, i think i have the issues with the file selection windows sorted out. I kind of forgot to plan for cases having less than a full screen of files to choose from.

hey, I ran the program, and I found a small bug:

When you click on the “today’s Date” field, the field turns yellow (probably intentional), but so does every radio button below it until the one that is currently checked.

PS: Running the precompiled binary that came with the package for CodeBlocks.

Great job ! Exactly what I was looking for…

Thanks !

Oh Hi, haven’t really updated this in a long time. (although if i dig, there should be a more recent version than what is up in the link). My plan is to get an new version ready as soon as OF0.006 is released.

hi drosen,

nice gui :smiley: looks really great. but i want to use it on a pre-prelease of of 0.06 under linux 64 bit and it doesn’t work! I got the following error message:

/of_preRelease_v0.06_linux_cb_FAT/apps/myApps/ofTestGUI/src/gu/GuiHandler.h|21|error: expected class-name before ‘,’ token|

and when I click on the error-message then code::blocks shows me the following line of code in the file GuiHandler.h:

class   GuiHandler: public ofMouseListener, public ofKeyListener, public ofAppListener  

can someone tell me where I found the class ofMouseListener?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Chris,

I haven’t had a chance to work on this lately, so the code may be out of date. If 06 changes the way event handling + listeners work then i will have to re-tweak the code. I’ll take a look at it today, but can’t promise a 06 compatible version in the next few days. (all my good coding time is now being used to write reports. blech… :? )

yep, looks like you can’t find ofMouseListener because it doesnt exist anymore…

Hello everyone,

I have adapted a version of Drosen’s code to work with openFrameworks 0.06 as an addon, ofxEasyGui.

I am currently sending it out by request. If you’d like a copy, please send me a private message with your email address.


PS. Hey Drosen, maybe you’d be interested in starting a collaborative project on the add-ons site? I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a GUI project, but definitely I could be making updates here and there as needed. Maybe if we collabed on this (and invited others to contribute as well) we could see a wicked GUI add-on come from it!

Why only by request? Why not pop it online so we can test & feedback?


I have applied for a project page on the site… once that is approved I will put it up there. Until then, I don’t have hosting for it :frowning:

Oh, I guess I could just add it as an attachment… here we go.

This is excellent! Thanks!

One question though, is there a way to arrange buttons in rows rather than columns? I have assigned a panel 10 buttons, but they are all arranged in a column and it produces a long list which covers quite a lot of area.

Is there a way of doing? Or has this not been implemented.



The addon is nice! :slight_smile:

I have some suggestions:

  1. A install.xml should be added so that we can use ofManager.
  2. The ui should check for the binded variable on update. For example, I binded myBool to a switch button, when I changed myBool from false to true in some other code, the button should be changed from off to on automatically (at least on the next frame).