Announcing ofxHPVPlayer: cross-platform high-res/high-fps video playback


As i said originally I don’t think so, the code should be cleaner to make maintaining it easier and perhaps fix some things about the public api that might be slightly weird. I did the changes on a hurry and didn’t have time to fix all of that but as far as i tested, it seems stable


And the version in buffering is compatible with the latest (nightly) build of oF only, or is it expected to work with 0.9.8 as well?


I’m not really sure, if i remember well i’m using ofThreadChannel which got a couple of bugfixes since 0.9.8 so it might be better to use it with 0.10/nightlies but it’ll probably work with 0.9.8 as well


Any recommendations for command-line based tools to encode the “hpv” files? I am using the recommended “HPV Creator” application but since it is GUI-based it’s not really practical for incorporating into an automated/batch processing workflow.


Hi @anselan,

I’m happy to see there’s still interest in this addon ;-). I acknowledge there is a need for a command line tool to convert the files.

It’s not hard to make this tool. The HPVCreator class stands on it’s own, and can be easily interfaced from a main routine (this is roughly what I’m doing via Qt). I see @arturo has an repository, but as far as I can see this is not a full console application?

I’ll put effort in assembling such a tool this week. Will post updates here.


Wow, that is great news! Thanks for all the excellent work on this so far. I look forward to seeing updates, and I will try to contribute wherever I can.


@Vjacobs no but i used it to create a couple of tools to export from command line and in batches… i’m trying to find them but not sure where i put them i don’t think i never uploaded them, will do if i find them

in any case with that addon it’s pretty straightforward to create a command line tool.


thinking of it i think i added some modifications to the original format though i think it was still compatible with the old player but i would check before using that encoder or my player


HI everyone,

I’ve made a command-line tool to create HPV files. You find it at:

This uses a CMake workflow, check out the readme in the repo for more information.

I’ve just tested this is on Windows 10 - Mac OS Sierra and Ubuntu 16.

Please report any feedback you might have. I might also upload some release versions of the tool when I get around to it.
Furthermore, I’m looking into expanding this tool to be able to directly receive frames over a pipe of stdin from let’s say FFMPEG. This way, you would be able to for example decode an mp4 file straight into an hpv file (using an intermediary bitmap format). To be continued.