Anisotropic Filtering ofImages

I am using the OpenGL openframeworks libraries to take an ofImage and distort, filter and composite it over a framebuffer. The problem I’m seeing is that the filter quality is terrible (nearest neighbor).

Is there an easy way to enable Anisotropic filtering of textures? Here is my relevant code:

none.begin(); {
none.setUniformTexture("source", ofImageObj, 0);

   glTexCoord2f(0, 0);       
   glVertex2f(fboObj.getWidth()*0.8, fboObj.getHeight()*0.8);	
   glTexCoord2f(ofImageObj.getWidth(), 0);    
   glVertex2f(fboObj.getWidth(), fboObj.getHeight()*0.8);		
   glTexCoord2f(ofImageObj.getWidth(), ofImageObj.getHeight());	    
   glVertex2f(fboObj.getWidth(), fboRemote.getHeight());
   glTexCoord2f(0, ofImageObj.getHeight());    
   glVertex2f(fboObj.getWidth()*0.8, fboObj.getHeight());		

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