animation question

Hi Guys,

Im beginning to think…what is the best way to do animation? Vector or bitmaps…

If I use Vector…I will struggle with the graphics. If I use bitmaps…I will struggle with the resouces used.

For animation to be smooth will require lots of frames…even if I did 50 frames of bitmaps…it is still looks jerky…

For those experienced animators out there…what are your views?

Generally you can do animation with both pixels and vector graphics and many people happily combine both approaches. Primarily this is a style issue like watercolors versus pencil drawings :slight_smile:

It also depends if you want to reuse content or actually generate it. I kind of assume you want to be generating the stuff. In this case I know lots of people who work primarily with pxelarrays but probably more who use a vector approach or both. A rule of thumb is probably that is hard to get around vectors for 3d and/or depictive imagery.

You will also find that both terms are really loose concepts when getting messy with the code. For example you can use vector math to navigate a pixel array.

this was relatively abstract,
hope it was useful,

Hi Stefanix,

Thanks for the comments, really appreciate it.

I was thinking of doing something like tweening that involves all sorts of vector operation on a bitmap.

In OpenGL is there any function that allows us to do just that without manually coding ourselves? :lol: I heard there is one in DirectX…though I haven’t used it before.

On the other hand, for example if I want to do Mickey mouse interactive animation…I was thinking how will OpenFrameworks fit into the picture…hmmm.

Somehow I feel Transformers movie producers are smart in a way to go 3D. Imagine using Illustrator for that or screen capture approach…Sounds like a lot of work.