Animation 10 - Tales of Things

Apologies for the large images and no video. I was at the mercy of the local photographers and videographers.

Animation10 is a festival designed to get school children into computing through the medium of animation. I was asked to make a stand that was full of old computing objects that looked cool. Each object has a story linked with a QRCode. When scanned, it plays a video on the monitor. Using Arduino and Openframeworks, the kids could record their own story and print off a sticker to take home and keep.

In the image below, the mic is linked up to a camera with GStreamer and an Openframeworks video preview window with a visual countdown.

Stickers are printed and handed out for the kids to keep. The big dial counts down how long they have left to make their video tale and the big red button sets the recording going.

The code is a little messy as I had a lot of trouble with GStreamer but managed to get it sorted in the end: