Animating Perlin Noise

Hi guys,

with kymcdonalds example of ofxshader i’ve extend the perlin noise shader. I really don’t know how to get this thing animate, either there is no persistence value, maybe some of you could look at the code, it’s a tiny bit.


i have en example of animating noise with shader, let me some time to put on github so you will test it.

sounds perfect!!

go to there is a ClassicNoise2Dexample . let me know if this help you. Ther is no project for VS2010 or windows codeblocks but i think you can adapt easily to your needs.

Hey Kalwalt,

first of all thank you for your commit. Am i doing something wrong or is the shader just scrolling up? I was thinking of a more “blending” effect, but maybe i did it wrong :S Or is this it?

you did right. you probably want “animate” octaves and frequency , in this way you can change sofltly the aspect of the image noisy. I ve found that shader time ago, but i forgot which is it and where i put it. As i will find again i will show to you. i can help you at least for the moment showing to you some web resources for Noise that i look at a lot: first look at Litosphere it is an little application witten in python that use a lot of GLSL shaders for Noise.
and the ashima page
when of course i will find again my code i wll put on github.

try the ashima demo, i think it will inspire you a lot! that was the code i used but as i say, now i can’t find my OF code …

Hi kalwalt,

i finally managed to get some cool stuff made with perlin-noise. thank you for sharing information, especially the ashima webgl-noise was very usefull.

here is the outcome:

it looks nice! Time ago i was thinking to make a little addon with these shaders. For the truth, my idea was to create a terrain that is created by algorithms rather than by image noise, and that selfcreates with the movement of the camera. There are different techniques to do this, but in substance or animate a seamless map or re-creating the same noise in a buffer in the position and direction running. And this is the realm of the creation of digital worlds!
So what your idea to animate the noise? what’s your project?

Hey, sorry for my late answer, it was a protoype for an application to an university :wink: