animated gif anyone?


I’m working on an addon to display/save animated gifs in openframeworks. I have some very rough code working (based on freeimage multibitmap api) and will try to polish it in the next days, but before delving into it, was wondering… has anyone done this before? any code to have a look to?


quicktime can play animated gifs - just use the video player like you would normally use it, but load a .gif instead of a .mov. I think you could hack the video player too if you wanted to get alpha info (currently we drop alpha out).

take care!

oh great, I didn’t even think of using the videoplayer.

I wonder if I can also hack your qt moviesaver to export as gif. Will check if that’s possible…

thanks a lot!

maybe useful:

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yeah, seems like i’ll have to dig a bit. I get a black square loading various gifs in videoplayer. wonder if it’s the alpha issue.

anyway I think I’ll have to use freeimage to save anyway, as quicktime doesn’t seem to export…-00027.html

will keep hacking and post back results.

thanks for the resources!

turns out I was wrong here. it was not the alpha but the jesús issue (i was painting them black :oops: ) . videoplayer plays animated gifs without problems.

thanks again!

has anyone worked out loading gifs with alpha?