Animate 3D model with OpenNI + OF

Dear All,

Is it possible to do something like this,

in OpenFrameworks with OpenNI and NITE?

I can map the skeleton coordinates to a 2D model, but I don’t have much idea how to load and animate a 3D model in Openframeworks. I want to get this done in a Linux environment.

Really appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance!

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Openframeworks only has built in support of meshes without bones or animation data. Maybe you could do it with collada, which supports skeletal animations and skinning. Take a look at this: or search the forum.

in 007 the assimpLoader addon has support for skeletal animations and skinning. by default it can load a model which already has an animation and play it but you can access the assimp scene with getAssimpScene() to do generative animation using assimp functions

take a look at the updateAnimation method in the addon to know how to use it

uh nice! didn’t know that yet, saw assimpModelLoader but never googled it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your replies!

I was actually checking collada, but was having problems with generative animations.

Thanks a lot for letting us know about the assimpLoader. I will have a look.

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any success in animating a model (with bones) with openni?

I’m also interested in this. Any success?

Anyone managed to resolve this … ?