Angleproject and ofx on windows 8.1

Hi All,

I am trying to use angleproject for running ofx under dx11/dx9 on windows 8.1 , since I work on a new experimental hardware which is optimized for directX and unfortunately OpenGL drivers are very slow and unstable.

Is there a way to compile ofx (or glfw) to use gles2 on windows as a renderer ? or do I need to dive into the projects for custom compilation process.



it should be enough to compile glfw for gles against angle but not sure how, probably in the cmake properties you can change the gl library to be angle. then you should add angle to your project too


I have done what you suggested and we now have glfw support for gles2 but ;o) …

the ofAppGLFWWindow does not support gles path and creation in windows … for no reason I think. I can add it and generate a pull request… but as I understand there is no experience of someone doing it on windows.

I will be happy to hear more thoughts…



yes ofAppGLFWWindow only supports setting gles for arm/EGL but it’s totally fine to add some methods to enable it. there’s now some methods that are called internally by OF to set the openGL version something similar to that should work

btw we used a patched version of GLFW to add drag and drop, you can find it here:


Regarding GLFW … task is complete , already compiled for gles2. Testing the samples now.

I think I am putting a my ski mask and diving into ofAppGLFWWindow and adding support for gles2 on windows… looked into it , should not be compilcated.


btw, was looking into something else and just realized that almost everything you need to do is enable TARGET_OPENGLES in ofConstants for windows

You are correct, this and , some small implementations of :
#if defined(TARGET_WIN32)
//HGLRC getWGLContext();
//HWND getWin32Window();
EGLDisplay getEGLDisplay();
EGLContext getEGLContext();
EGLSurface getEGLSurface();

in ofAppGLFWWindow … I am almost there :o)