AndroidInstall Error

Hi all,

I’m running Eclipse through a Debian unstable/sid amd64 setup. I’ve gotten OF 0071 to work everywhere up to the AndroidInstall portion of a new app. The included examples build and install, but when I copy and rename one following the setup instructions, the DebugAndroid and ReleaseAndroid will end successfully but the AndroidInstall won’t run at all. The error I get is the following:

/home/xxx/android/sdk/tools/ant/build.xml:546: /home/xxx/openframeworks/addons/ofxAndroid/ofAndroidLib resolve to a path with no file for project /home/xxx/openframeworks/apps/myapp  

Any clues what might be the issue?

Could be the location of your project. it should be in /home/xxx/openframeworks/apps/somefolder/myapp to conform to the “standard” folder depth of OF projects. somefolder is often called “myApps” or something to that effect.