androidCameraExample in Samsung tab pro problem

Weird problem.

The androidcameraExample starts fine in Samsung Galaxy Tab pro (12.2", Android 4.4.2). If I keep the tabled steady (lean against something), everything works i.e. video is rendered nicely (tested with 10 min).

When I move the tablet, the video freezes. The update and draw methods are called in testApp class but video is not updated. The grabber.isFrameNew() returns false.

Also if I move the tablet when the app starts, it works nicely a short period but then video freezes.

I am using 0.8.0 version of OF.

does this happens when you change the orientation of the tablet from landscape to portrait? or just by moving it?

Just moving, I have locked orientation. The same app works perfectly on Samsung S3 (Android 4.3)

that’s really weird not sure what might be going on, do you see some error in the logcat output?

No errors. Nothing.

I uncommented the Log.i lines from OFAndroidVideoGrabber.previewFrame. Looks like it was called after the freezing, at least few times, but then LogCat cleans it self.

I did test the tablet with my own cam application (no OF), and it worked fine. It looks like the OF’s camera preview “chokes”.

(ADT/Eclipse in Windows 7)