Android Wear + device orientation addons integration

I have integrated device orientation (rotation vector) and the Message/Data APIs in ofxAndroid for the project I am working on… I need some assistance on deciding wether they should be in separate repos or I could issue a pull request. At the moment both modules derive from OFAndroidObject.
The one for the device orientation is very simple. It uses a platform specific cpp file in the ofxAndroid directory, and a ofxDeviceOrientation in the addons directory; this will allow to add the implementation for the other platforms.

struct ofxOrientationData{
  float azimuth;
  float pitch;
  float roll;

class ofxDeviceOrientation{
  void start();
  static ofEvent<ofxOrientationData> orientationChangedE;

The Android Wear functionality (WIP, will add more methods tomorrow) is along the lines of

class ofxAndroidWearConnection{
  static void start();
  static void broadcastMessage(string path, string message);

  static ofEvent<std::pair<string, string> > messageArrivedE;
  static ofEvent<ofParameterGroup> dataArrivedE;

The name is a bit misleading, as it’s just a wrapper for the Data and Message APIs. And btw, normal OF apps run smoothly and with no changes on those Smart Watches :).

what you think? worth integrating in ofxAndroid?