Android video not playing

i have a device on which the androidVideoExample does not work.
the device is a bit of a weird one, a custom built android tablet for a museum installation.
the sound from the video still plays but nothing is rendered to the screen.
the device is running Jelly Bean 4.2.2

ive also tried a few different video formats specified on the the android developer site,
which work on all my android devices but not this one particular one.

im trying to narrow down where the issue is coming from and hoping someone here can give me some ideas.

im thinking it could maybe be a opengl issue where the device in question does not support some opengl extensions required to render the video. but having said that, its rendering images just fine.
is there anything related to android video playback that i should be looking into?

it may be better if you can share the verbose logs.

yeah im currently working on that…
i can not debug directly on the device because of driver issue on mac,
and can only install the apk from usb, which is a really painful process.
so looking into debugging the app remotely somehow.
will post logs once i can get to them.

There are too much possibilities. It is difficult to say something without logs.
Can the other video players downloaded from Google Play play the same video on this device?

Do you mean a file tansfer via usb cable? or a file transfer via usb stick?

if it is a usb stick, you can install ES3 File Explorer from Google Play and you can use it to transfer files instead of usb stick. ES3 has a built-in FTP Server and your computer can connect to the device’s file system via its ftp server. tough not enough for debugging…

yeah ive also been using dropbox to speed things up.

ive been printing all log messages on screen and there are no errors being logged by ofxAndroidVideoPlayer :confused:
so no leads there…

what do getHeight() and getWidth() return?

Another thing; do not call removeTexture() for video files. it deallocates the texture.