Android studio sample equivalent to ios native sample

Hi All,

I have been using OpenFrameworks for some time now…
When using IOS I found the ios/native example extremely helpfull how to integrate into a real world app.

I am trying to do the same on android with android studio and bump into a wall.
Is there a similar sample like IOS ?



Hi Guys,

Simply amazing … not even one response of how to start ? really ?
Either nobody gives a damn or nobody knows.

Simple no will do :o)

For a start … I see openFrameworks in android studio project. did you add an eclipse and imported or created directly in android studio. Need a small lead and I will take it from there :o)



Hi @neshume,

There is an installation instruction on the website for Android Studio. Did you follow the steps indicated there? If so, where did you have problem? Or what error do you get? If you give more details, maybe somebody can give a trick about this particular issue.