Android Studio not building on Ubuntu

Hi there,

I don’t know if my issue is somewhat outdated because I can only find posts to that from 2016 or older.
I like to compile OF projects for android devices. After executing all the steps listed here I always end up with error message:

Error:Execution failed for task ‘:openFrameworksProject:compileOpenFrameworksLibArm64-v8aDebugArm64StaticLibraryOpenFrameworksLibArm64-v8aDebugArm64StaticLibraryMainCpp’.

No tool chain is available to build for platform ‘arm64-v8a’:
- Tool chain ‘ndk-clang’ (Clang): Could not determine Clang version: failed to execute clang -dM -E -.

I tried it with the newest Android Studio version, and with version 3.x and 2.3.2. NDK is version r15c as required.
I am working on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS.

Appreciate any help.