Android Studio Gradle Sync Failed: make failed with exit status 2

Hi, I’m trying to build AndroidEmptyExample using Android Studio on OSX.

I followed this instruction but it fails with the “make failed with exit status 2” error message during the Gradle Sync process.

I tried everything I can do but it’s not working.
I’m using r10e version for NDK. and 3.3 Gradle version and 2.3.3 Android Plugin Version. And I have tried both API 22 and API 26 but it doesn’t work.

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

I re-installed Android Studio and I used 3.3 Gradle Version and 2.3.2 Android Plugin Version and used API 25 and now it works.

Maybe there was a problem with using 2.3.3 Android Plugin Version or using API26 for SDK. Or maybe it was something else. I will update later and see if the problem occurs again.

Hi, I always meet this problem:“make failed with exit status 2” error message "
Have you ever try to change its file in the framework. Once I changed some files this problem occurs again and again.
If we can have a communication would be kind for me~

I didn’t change anything, the problem occurred when I first tried to build empty example.
So I re-installed Android Studio and somehow the error no longer happened.
I still don’t know what caused the error. You might also want to try re-installing Android Studio and setup everything all over again if everything fails.