Android Studio adding a src include directory to build.gradle silently breaking

I’m porting an oF 0.8 Android project to oF 0.10.1.

The project has a subfolder inside “src” where the bulk of its code is. e.g, src/ABC.

All references to files inside here are without paths. e.g, “src/ABC/Utils/ABCFileStreamer.h” is included as: #include “ABCFileStreamer.h”

In order to compile I found editing build.gradle seemed to be the best method, adding a path to the srcIncludes.
e.g Under android.sources.main.jni.source of build.gradle

includes = srcIncludes(ofRoot())

includes += "src/ABC” // <-- added this line

This compiles, but now fails at runtime with a failure to find error.

I’ve narrowed it down to when this includes modification is in, is not being created to /build/intermediates/binaries/debug/arm7/obj/armeabi-v7a/ or …/lib/armeabi-v7a.
But the app still builds and runs on a device - there are no errors or warnings in the build that this has failed, it also deletes an existing libOFAndroidApp. file from /build/intermediates… first if one is present.

Comparing the build output on a working compile to a failed one, the following 2 steps are missing in the fail:



I’ve proofed a bare bones working version where i include a file absolutely e.g, #include “/ABC/Utils/Test.h”. This compiles and runs, noting that the build.gradle includes is not modified as above in this case.

I’m hoping to avoid going through all the files and making their includes to be absolute paths.

Im on Mac 10.13.6, Android Studio 3.4.2 and oF 0.10.1.

Any intel, or even ideas on how to debug deeper why this is failing would be very appreciated!