Android - release build doesn't include x86 and neon


I noticed something strange. I’m compiling with release, it compiles a neon version and x86 version (I see the d and o files in obj folder), and then all 3 so files are generated in libs folder, and then two are deleted and I’m left only with the armv7 one!

It’s as if something still tells the build process to only build arm. The only solution I found was to add:

ABIS_TO_COMPILE_DEBUG = armv7 neon x86
ABIS_TO_COMPILE_RELEASE = armv7 neon x86

to the config.make, and make the debug also be all three arcs. It’s somehow affects the release build… I’m using a branched out version of 0.9.3, and I’m not sure what could be the issue. Any ideas?



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