Android ofSoundPlayer: App requested 128 channels

Hi everyone,
I am experimenting for the first times with OF for android. I am porting a simple app that is working well on desktop. It uses ofSoundPlayer to play a sequence of audio files (mp3, stereo 44100Hz, 320Kbps).
(I also tried wav with the same result)

The app loads on a tablet (a bit old) and a mobile ( abit old too…) It plays the first sample then it stops, so I believe the problem is not in the file format but somewhere else.

While developing the same app for desktop I encountered the same problem that I sorted by updating the ofSoundPlayer in the “Update()” thread. (see this post) I was wondering on android this is managed differently.
I read someone sorted a similar problem by moving everything in the draw() thread but that didn’t solve my problem.

The only warning I get from Android Studio are
W/SoundPool: App requested 128 channels
on the tablet and on smartphone
on smartphone I also get this warning
W/AudioTrack: AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_FAST denied by client
which seems to be related to the sampleRate 44100Hz However, as far as I am aware it should be the right one.

I am very happy to hear any ideas or comment as I feel I’m a bit stuck on this.

Here is the repository if anyone wants to have a look

I reply to myself just in case it could be useful to others.
Although the samples were really short, it seems that the problem was in the stream setting of ofSoundPlayer.
several posts on the forum said to set the stream = true on ofSoundPlayer so I was actually looking for a method for that. The setting is in the load function.
bool load(string fileName, bool stream = false);
which is set false by default.

it seems sorted… I hope this helps someone else too…