Android native maps and OF

Ok, this is a big question, but maybe someone has a fast answer. I have my feet in hot water, I started a project with processing without too much investigating as a friend hinted it was using native code for android. It turns out some things are well implemented but generally it is not too impressive. I strayed (foolishly) from OF due to a few missing components and the hope that I could integrate processing with eclipse and use native code as well. It turns out that is also not possible.

I am comfortable with OF and getting comfortable with eclipse and have access to some help. My question is as the of for android projects extend cc.openframeworks.OFActivity, how hard is it to make these function with the fragment activity to use google maps inside the OF app?



I don’t think it should be difficult.

Add the fragment to the layout of ofActivity.
Then, add your extra code (if necessary) to and related jni code to native side.

If i am not wrong…

So in the end we were able to hack the renderer for processing and render the map output to the processing applet. I would have liked to do the same thing for OF and when this project is done I’ll give it a go.