Android JNI view

Hi guys, is there a way to mix android native views and OF views i mean like iosStoryboardExample?

Hi @lkkd,

A few years ago, I wrote an ofxaddon to reach and use Android’s views from openFrameworks. I sent it to you for your project. You wrote me that it has worked like a charm, then later, you wrote that it has crashed alongside opencv.

Couldn’t you fix the problem?
And do you again need Android views for opencv related things, or for just plain openFrameworks?

Also since 0.10 there’s support for these cases: There’s an example in the android examples folder called androidMultiOFActivityExample that demos how to do it.

Nice! i just download and setup the new of .10 i able to run most of the examples but try to run androidMultiOFActivityExample is compiling but when it try to run it the phone the app crash and i don’t get any feedback in the console, any idea?

Hi @rancs, it wasn’t really necessary that time to use JNIi end up programming al the UI in OF, but know i really need to combine it and yes i will use openCv to. I will try the addon had you try the androidMultiOFActivityExample ?

@arturo kay new to andoroid studio found this error at the log:

HI Arturo,
have you try out this example in android studio?

can you open an issue in github?


Hi! Arturo,
Now i’m using the androidMultiOFActivityExample, i’m able to program stuff from the ofActivity but when i place a button or something in main_layout.xml, it seems like that view is below, when i open the app or change the activity i can see the buttons i place in main_layout.xml in the back or maybe they just disappear , there is a way to show them above the OF view or show them?