Android examples crash

Hi.thank you for your time. the problem was solved atm.
Sorry for my english, but I’ll describe my steps))
first of all, i recognized my basic problem. I typed “ant debug” in console, it compiles without errors, but native libs(including openframeworks) didn’t compiled.
I’ve downloaded Eclipse and ADT, folowed OF setup FAQ…and console output gaves me an error , something like i downloaded wrong packaged. the same result i got with gnu make.
So, i removed eclipse, analysed makefiles and ran it make PLATFORM_OS=Android, and… i started compilation.
Next, compilation gives me linker error of unresolved externals __srget… 3 min googling and i found a solution, rollbacked my android-ndk to r10b, also i have switched to nighty build. and re-run make command.

So, from that point, i got working examples for android, but compilation using Ant still gaves me unstable results.
like “ant clean” removes bin/ folder, including any binary resources in examples ))
Anyway… OF is great, i feel much better than buggy cocos-2dx (for 3d development).
Simple copiyng from one OF package to another and little modification of makefile scripts gave me ability to delegate OF addons dependencies between different platforms… and compile a single project for multiple platforms.

Hi @ezhi, if you give the full logcat output of the exception, maybe somebody can help to solve the problem.