Android armeabi v7a

I have a cheap phone I would like to deploy an app to, everything seems to work fine for me with android studio, I can compile apps and deploy them to my normal device, but I get an error with the el cheapo alcatel phone I am testing.

It says:

device supports armeabi-v7a, armeabi but APK only supports arm64-v8a

Is it possible to compile OF android apps for this platform?

This has happened to me, but slovable, build the apk (armeabi-v7a or amr64v8a), then manually or through adb copy the apk to the device & install.

If the device is not found in logcat, you have workarounds, plug in a udev rule, find the manufacturer codes through lsusb, but then again, I think standard ofLog in android is broken atm, but helps to see some messages, as its the only debugging way…

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Thanks, the device shows up fine, any APK I compile from OF does not install when I copy it to the phone, it gets through the process and then fails. at about 90% with no explanation. The APKs that I get from OF are also all labelled arm64-debug -

How can I change the build to target armeabi-v7a?

Ok, this is fixed easy enough, just go to the build menu and then select build variants and you can switch to arm7 and everything works as it should.