Analog Not analog: A live coding system for visuals

analog Not analog” is a new live coding system for visuals… Based on openFrameworks and Clojure. The aNa visualization server can mix generative code fragments with different inputs channels in real-time: a WEB cam, a microphone, movie files, image sequences, a joystick or Open Sound Control messages.

The main principles are:

  • Use code to express your ideas.
  • Modify programs while they are running.
  • Try to keep all data of a running program even when parts of program are changed on the fly.

aNa is published as open source at GitLab:

Some experimental videos can be found at Vimeo (user119558788).

I am developing aNa for my graphical live coding experiments. What i published yet is a very reduced but more stable subset of aNa. Documentation and code samples are included. More features will be added in the next months.

You can test it on a virtual or physical PC.


Nice project !
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