An open source 3D Hologram for everyone

Hello everyone !

I’m building a project, called “the ARK” :

It is a holographic pyramid with a new type of interface who gives life to your projects.

Holography has always been fascinating: you see your 3D, you work on it, and you can create directly with your hands.

Today this type of holography is really expensive compared to the simplicity of its fabrication process. I want to give the possibility to use it for everyone.

The Ark has a software suite. Your drawings, films, models, all in holograms and in 3D GPS augmented reality view, directly on your smartphone to walk in your creations.

And more: with the sensitive gloves it will be like feeling the 3D under your fingers. Films, 3D, drawings, you will be able to touch and feel all of it.


This project started two years ago with some research in my architecture school; I created the first holographic reflector “Ark-mini” for the students of our school. This creation is now in open-source (for more information see HERE, you can translate the page)

For this new project, I want to create the more intuitive, complete holographic software: you will just need an USB and HDMI connection and let’s go!

Order, and the ARK will follow it with his speech recognition menu.

I will present 3 softwares for the Ark:

The ARK-creator for your 3D creations
The ARK-movie: what you film is what you see… in holograms.
The ARK-net to send directly in augmented reality your project, to visit it with you tablet or smartphone.

This project is a personal initiative that I have been developing since last year, thanks to the help of some forums and Internet’s people who follow me.

Today I propose you to make this project a reality. The first Ark serie will be presented in Paris, at the “Futur-en-Seine” numeric convention in the “Gaité Lyrique” on 13th june, and at the end of june for my Diploma.

The thing is, i want to build this project with a creative commons license (open-source), and i’m trying to build a community. For the moment, i make a simple design for the ARK, i will have six month to build the software. We can (i hope so), in the future, create something like a “Jarvis” (who do not dream about this :slight_smile: ).

For the moment, i’m finishing the file with the design and the prequel of the software (openframeworks). But you can register in the forum and i’will send you a newsletter when it will be done.

I hope we can make something beautifull, and, it is not just an idea: i am doing it (but i need you)!

here the LINK of the project


I yearn for the day that people stop mis-using the term “holography” to describe non-holographic 3D illusions. As a physicist, this really rankles me. Please, keep your terminology straight, your project seems to be awesome as it is, there’s no need to falsely drag holography into it.


I agree with you, but, because i’m in an architecture school, most people don’t understand this project if you don’t use some words that they understand, that is why i use this term, and not only reflector.

I’m happy to finally see someone who know the difference :slight_smile:

Just to expand bilderbuchi’s “rant” :wink:
I also hate this particular misuse of the term, as I usually get asked about it. Hence I have to explain why it is not a hologram.
The effect is actually called Pepper’s ghost’s_ghost

On the other hand, if you try this very simple technique using a 3D screen with polarized glasses the effect is that you’ll have a 3D image floating in the air. so much more like a real Hologram.

Hello, your hollogram project is very interesting. I would like to know something more about, but links on the page are out of order. I am visual artist from Slovakia, actually i going to create personal project for art gallery. Is any special software for it. what is the best material to build a hollogram pyramide ? Thank you.

Hello roy. I might be digging a long forgotten post here but i’m very interested in your answer. I am an engineering and architecture student and would like to try and reproduce the pyramid Pepper’s ghost effect for my projects.
There are however a few things I did not get in your answer: what do you call a 3D screen? Which sort of polarized glass would you use? And, how would the end result be different with your proposition?


HI @Lhenpix , A 3D screen like the LCD or Plasma TVs and some computer displays that are for watching 3D content. These come with polarized glasses that you need to use for the 3d effect.
The peppers ghost effect, will produce a floating image that is 2d (it is just the reflection of the screen). By using the 3d screen you are also seen just a reflection of the screen, but as you can see thing in 3d (with depth) the final result is that you will see volumetric stuff floating in the air, not just a flat reflection.
as for the question made before about which material is the best, plexiglass (acrylic) works very well, the thinner the best.

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Thanks Roy ! I get the idea. It definitely makes me want to try this out.

it appears the links to the websites are all redirecting to a domain reseller… Any chance there are new links available?

Hi Roy,

…i got involved in holograms by accident while developing VR content. I experimented, and eureka it worked! …went recently on a “VR meet up” and showed my work. You could just imagine the look on their face. …it would revolutionized the way we think! …the introduction of quality OLED flat screen technology already exist.

If you want another example of open source “hologram”, check out my project as well:

DIY fogscreen display

Hi @Ed_Zapanta, great! is there anywhere I could see this work you mention?

Hi Roy,

…i like to get involved on the “Arc” Project. Is there a Facebook website?
…you are right wearing those Avatar “3D glasses” (NOT Real3D glasses
type) gives the hologram more immersive depth feel, amazing!

Ed Zapanta
p.s. am developing algorithms on different hologram applications.

Hi, it’s been a while since i started this project.

Now, the code is quite really not updated, and we’re trying to make it more… Professionnal, so i choose to stop making it opensource.

BUT, there will be a chance during this year, that we will change that, because we’re trying to use it for medecine. So we’ll make a kickstarter and invite people to work with us.

I tell you more when i have more documents, and when i will be more ready for it. The site has changed, by the way but it is in french, i have to change everything in english.

Just… It will looks like this now:

Hi guys, I am trying to build a 3d pyramid on my own using clear material (tried with glass and acrylic) but I am facing a double blur effect. How can this be eliminated, is it by using polarized glass as Roy said? Any help would be very much appreciated.

hi. no, the double image is reduced but not removed completely by using a thinner material, which will come with other drawbacks (floppiness, more delicate, etc.) I mentioned polarization because of the use of polarized 3d glasses.

Thanks for the quick reply Roy.