An Easier ofxSyphon

I know there’s been some issues with people not being able to install ofxSyphon.
Here’s an easier way.

Go to the above link and download the zip file.
Copy the resulting ofxSyphon folder to your addons folder in the OpenFrameworks directory.

Check the example in order to create your own projects. Remember to add a copy files phase to your build that will copy over the Syphon framework.



your repository structure is really not like it should be. please check/read

I apologize that it’s a little old school. UPDATE: Fixed.

no worries, I just wanted to point it out. sorry for being a bit terse. :stuck_out_tongue:

I try your addons, but i got the problem of “gdb data formater”
I copy the example in apps\addonsExample, and remane it in syphonExample, then i launch the xcode project of your example.
I compile a first time the example, which work great.
them i drag and drop between the example xcode project addons folder , and my xcode project addons folder of xcode tree, i compile my project and got the error…
what i do wrong ?
What’s mean : “Remember to add a copy files phase to your build” ? I come from processing, so i’m a bit confused…
( i got of7, xcode 3.2.6 64bits, macosX 10.6.8, with a white macbook end 2009 )

@cgiles - When you create a new project that incorporates Syphon, you should add everything you see under the addons folder in the example. You also have to add a new copy files phase. For XCode 3, see:

so i tried to add the “new copy file phase” ( right click on my target, then add, new build phase, new copy files build phase, but this didn’t wirk, maybe i must give a destination path…
So i did a brute force by copying syphon.framework in the same subfolder of my target, and that work.

Great thanks for this addons which is very simple

@astellato wow thanks. thats exactly what I needed now!

just a bit off topic: how do I know the names of the syphon servers eventually available on my system? server names are somehow “broadcasted” in a way that can be retrieved by a client and selected as source at runtime, or do I have to know the server name and sort of hardcode it in client?

with ofxsyphon, you can set the name of your server, so after you will see in your vlient, the name you gaves in your code.

my problem is a bit different: I’m using ofxSyphon only on the client side, and I have no way to know the name of other applications implementing syphon servers eventually present on the system and serving frames I can pick with my client.
I saw that the simple demo client distributed on syphon site has a dropdown box where names of servers running are displayed and you can switch from one to another, so I guess it is possible to do the same, but not being familiar at all with objective C I don’t know how to eventually tweak ofxSyphon in order to be able to do that.

@astellato Thank you so much for this addon! :slight_smile:

If you wonder how to add a copy build phase, follow these steps after adding the ofxSyphon from the addons folder.

This is how to do it on xcode 4.2. (see the attachement).


thank @astellato! this is awesome, just what I needed…

Great! I hope that works better.

thanks you very much!

Hey - I’d love to be able to use ofxSyphon - I can compile the base project in order to copy over the addon, but I cannot compile the example (placed in addonsExamples folder). When I do so, I get the attached error.

Any idea why this is happening? Does ofxSyphon work with of v7 and xcode 4.3.2?

Here’s the screenshot of the error:

Same here. OF 7.0.4, xcode 4, osx 10.8

When I rename the locations of the files to match the files in the addon, I get these errors:

Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
“.objc_class_name_SyphonServer”, referenced from:
pointer-to-literal-objc-class-name in ofxSyphonServer.o
“.objc_class_name_SyphonNameboundClient”, referenced from:
pointer-to-literal-objc-class-name in ofxSyphonClient.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture i386
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

My knowledge of xcode, c++ nor OF is enough to understand whats happening

Hello there, I am experiencing the exact same problem when trying to compile the example.

“OfxSyphon.h: No such file or directory”

A swift response would be met with the highest gratitude.