An Disk Image of Rasbian+openFrameworks-0.8.3+Processing-1.5.1

After getting the new Raspberry Pi B+ in the mail I got a good refresher course in how long it takes to download NOOBS, copy and install NOOBS, update and upgrade Raspbian, download and unzip openFrameworks, build openFramework, download Processing, download and install openJDK, and then have everything running. Sound familiar/annoying?

Anyway, I used a tool called “ApplePi-Baker” to create an image of my 8Gb micro SD card containing the updated Rasbian, Processing 1.5.1 & openFrameworks 0.8.3 and I made it available as a torrent so that myself and everyone else can reap the benefits.

The torrent file is here.

As far as I can tell, you need to use “ApplePi-Baker” to burn the image to your SD (or micro SD) card - I have had unreliable results with this ‘.img’ and tools one might normally use such as Unetbootin.

My attempts to create an ISO file we met with slow, painful failure so, for the time being, I have stopped wasting my time. If anyone out there has a better understanding of how to make ‘ISO’ files perhaps they can either share their knowledge or turn the ‘.img’ into an ISO themselves.