Ambisonics or VBAP 3D Audio

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Sending to ask if there are any libraries currently working with ambisonics audio. I tried to run ofxhoa library but wasn’t able to compile sucessfully. The FMOD library works well for now but I really wanted to work with the ambisonics sound field.
Other 3D or 2D audio libs working currently are welcome also for vector based amplitude panning


ofxHoa does work with the current release of OF. The thing that seems to be broken is just the submodule tag in the repo for the hoa light library. To make it work clone the ofxHoa repo, then go to the CICM/Hoalibrary repo and select tag 2.2 (here is a direct link Download this and put the source folder from the hoa light download into ofxHoa>libs>HoaLibrary-Light folder. You can then use the project generator as normal to generate the example projects again.

The only caveat is that the tag that works with this addon from the hoa light library is quite old and there are a lot of features missing. The library has since updated to using the eigen library for mathematics and the changes are not compatible, so without a fair bit of work you will not be able to use the latest Hoa library, but the functionality is there.

Thank you @fresla it seems to work yes. I got to see the eigen dependencies for algebra in the original hoa repository. Spent some hours looking at it. I am trying to make a simple system I just want the standard controls nothing very crazy. During this I also looked for the ofxFmod3DSoundPlayer addon seems to work well but getting feedback from the soundcard and speakers seems a little bit difficult. Does it decode always in binaural or adapts for the connected hardware and creates a soundfield? I would also need to acess the output [actually que question is for both libs lol]

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In ofxHoa you can set the number of outputs in different configurations. Not sure what you mean about getting feedback from the soundcard and speakers.

In ofxHoa I can see the code now. I want to work with the sound field (break it a bit), I want to make software for a room w a setup that is not a sphere. And as it works directly with ofSoundStream there are nice possibilities here. Just in the FMOD library, I can’t work with the outputs really well, can for instante I set quickly shared_ptr for 67 speakers? (or some other big number?)

I cannot help you here right now, I needed it for binaural, so I never delved that deep. I see you had some contact with the creator of the add-on on this forum, maybe it’s best to ask directly how it works. The examples don’t seem to cover this.