Alternative to ofxAwesomium to render HTML

Hi there, I’m using ofxAwesomium to render a html, that is served by ofxHttp.
In those pages (that are a kind of presentation), I use the ofxNI2 and ofxSyphon to control by gestures and export to MadMapper.

The problem is, using ofxAwesomium, the render is flickering, some buttons are blinking (when I hover them) and the result is kind of defect.

If open the link straight on any browser, everything is running fine. No flickering, no bugs, no blinks.

So, I think the problem could be the ofxAwesomium, that performs bad with low frame rate.

Anyone experienced with that situation? We have more alternatives?

Quartz Composer or Vue can handle this?

despite failing to find an alternative, I can say I am happy to continue using ofxAwesomium. What I did was to remove certain types of transition in .css. The performance improved considerably thereafter.

No more flashes. No more flickerings and blinks.


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