Alternative to fmod

Hi guys,
I have been playing around with OF for a while now and there were only a couple of things that annoyed me. The reliance on GLUT (now fixed in 006 - yay) and the use of fmod for the sound library (due to licensing issues).
I have read up on various posts on the topic and I am thinking about implementing an alternative, if there is enough interest.
I can see several approaches, each with their own various merits.
In terms of requirements, I think the following (from this-post is a pretty solid list of major requirements:

while alot of fmod stuff is useful, we really just need the following things:

a) to be able to load wav and mp3 files, and hopefully stream files too
b) to be able to set and get pitch, pan, volume, looping, and position
c) to be able to setup a sound to play multiplay (ie, multiple copies triggered) or not
d) midi, etc would be nice, as well but not needed
e) fft or the ability to get the mix of sounds out as a buffer and perform our own fft.

I would add to the list the ability to play sound from an AVI file.

It would obviously be desirable for the public interface to be as similar as possible to the existing ofSoundPlayer object.

Looking around at suitable replacements it seems that there is no one cross-platform open-source effort that can natively fulfill all the requirements.
I looked primarily at OpenAL and Libsndfile each of which have things going for them but neither of which can open mp3 files, due to the licensing implications.

How important is mp3 to everyone? (I think I know the answer to that one!)

SDL may be another route to investigate as they seem to have a lgpl-based mp3 decoder, smpeg (although I suspect they just completely ignored the mp3 licensing requirements).

One route may be to implement the sound object with mp3 support by default but with the ability to switch it off for the license-phopic amongst us.

Pragmatically it seems we need one library to process sound and another to handle the filetype interfaces (mp3, exotic WAV types, etc).

Just thinking out loud at this stage and seeing whether anyone else would benefit from a non-fmod-reliant ofSoundPlayer.

Over to you lot!

Hi, did you ever build one? And do you have recommendations for sound on Raspberry Pi?

I had intended to share my sound engine that uses libsndfile for loading, port audio for rendering, ,and core audio for mp3 on mac. It’s not ready though, I still haven’t got everything working on mac os x 10.11.

portaudio and libsndfile ought to compile on raspberry pi as it is just linux, try grabbing them and compiling them. maybe libmad for mp3.