Alphablending with ofPlanePrimitive

Hi there,

I’ve got a question.
I render 4 Planes (ofPlanePrimitive) with textures (all 4 textures are the same).
The first plane is at (0,0,0).
the second plane is at (0,10,10);
the 3rd plane is at (0,20,20);
and so on.

Now I want to render this.
But when I draw first the 1st plane after this the 2nd plane and after this the 3rd plane I get this:

But when I draw at first the 3rd plane after this the 2nd plane and finaly the 1st, it looks correct.

Why ist this?

Chears :slight_smile:

Its a bit tricky to tell, but I think that it might not be alpha blending at all, and instead it’s just that the layering order makes it seem as if it is.

Hi , did you activated the depth test? if not use ofEnableDepthTest().
beware that depth test is expensive so you might want to disable it once you have used it. ofDisableDepthTest()

Thanks for your response.

I think the problem is the rendering-order. It’s a known porblem:
Something about her:

and here: